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Fall 2022 Bullimeeting Mohrberg

Just five minutes drive from my home, I arrived the small habitation of Mohrberg. This weekend, we (my van and I) participate in the „Fall Bus-Meeting“ …

The Mohrberg Bus-Meeting traditionelly takes place in the summer, but in this year we have 2 meetings.

The weatherforcast is very bad, but it is fall in Germany and this is the reality!

I arrived Mohrberg saturday at 15:00. My empty place on the grass waiting for me and my van. I park the Volkswagen Bus and settle in. My health is very shaky. So I stand alone for now in my van.

This weekend, I will work on my van. It gets a new compartment and I will rerranged something. New windscreen wiper also gets!

Later on saturday I work on this. I saw the wood. I swap the windscreen wiper and i check with Axel (The King Of The Island) my turbocharger. Axel find the problem! 3 tubes to the charger going loose or she have cuts. I think tomorrow i can drive better.

Saturday evening I sit in my bus and speech with my zello friends. Zello Radio is a smartphone communication application.


I wake up 10:00 in the morning and I need coffee! Now!!! The night was good, I slept very well. Let me start the sunday!

After the breakfast I work on my new project, but i have big issues with this damn wooden board. I cant fix it. I am not a craftsmen, this is my first project with but I cant do it! Fuck!

Okay, I stop the work and going to the other guests. Dogs playing and running around and there owners chatting. My health is again very shaky. I going to the other peoples, but only for short moments. Then i going back to my bus. Yes, thats my life, its bad but I am here and this is good!

14:00. In the last minutes I cut the floor for the small cabinet and the fridge. I cut it and I place it, but I see…… it is bullshit! Oh boy, I am about to get upset! FUCK AGAIN!!!

I love my bus, but sometimes I hate the small, stupid, wrong things on him. I would like to improve them, but I have no idea or wrong ideas to be like stupid.

I make my fast dinner. Hot dogs with the new pan. Then Axel comes to me to work on the turbocharger.

We repair the turbo issues we found yesterday and I chat with the other guests. Now I sitting in my bus and speech with my Zello Radio friends. Sundown is coming in the next hour.

On the evening I see vanlife and camping shortmovies on YouTube and going to bed …

Monday, 3. Oktober (free day for all in Germany)

I wake up early, but today I am lazy. Today I dont feel like continuing my work on the bus. I make my breakefast and I settle down the bus. I going to the other guests and say GOOD BY FRIENDS and driving home!

5 minutes later I make the plan for the week. Driving or homework? I think….. DRIVING WITH THE BUS!!!

Thank you for the attention!

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