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  • Fall 2022 Bullimeeting Mohrberg

    Fall 2022 Bullimeeting Mohrberg

    Just five minutes drive from my home, I arrived the small habitation of Mohrberg. This weekend, we (my van and I) participate in the „Fall Bus-Meeting“ … The Mohrberg Bus-Meeting traditionelly takes place in the summer, but in this year we have 2 meetings. The weatherforcast is very bad, but it is fall in Germany…

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  • Frose460 going international

    Frose460 going international

    It is may 3 on year 2020 and the small adventure begins! No, i plane not to drive with my car a big tour, but now, i write some blogarticles in english … Yes, its a small adventure for me, than i come from east germany and i dont learn english in my school. No,…

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