Frose460 going international

It is may 3 on year 2020 and the small adventure begins! No, i plane not to drive with my car a big tour, but now, i write some blogarticles in english …

Yes, its a small adventure for me, than i come from east germany and i dont learn english in my school. No, i had to learn russian and after the german wall open, he was to late for change from russian to english.

I´ve been around for about 25 years now in the internet. During this time i was in contact with many peoples over the world. My puffyjacket friends come from USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and many more countries. My „SecondLife“ (online simulation) friends as well.

With the advent of pay tv, i become the chance to see my favorit series (Castle, Rizzoli & Isles, Navy CIS and another) in the original language. I took the advantage of the opportunity to hear the original speech from Stana Katic and co and i learn, learn, learn the english words.

He was not easy for me. The Actors are very fast and i often only understood every fourth word, but with the german speech in my memory, i remembered the text and thats how i learned to understand.

Thats was okay for understand english text but i didnt think, i could make calls in english. Small text, i can write – yes. Slowly english speech, i can understand – yes, but talk? Rather not!

The breakthrough came just a few weeks ago. In the last months i have many many time to see other travelers on YouTube. Travelers from USA and Canada or Newzeeland. Travelers such as „Traveling Robert“ from Miami…

Here his new video. I didnt see it, i write this text at the moment!

Robert come from Cuba. He speaks relatively slowly and this is my opportunity!

So i see many many videos from Robert and i was surprised to find that i understand a lot.

No No No!

Not a lot! I understand almost the entire content and when not, i check the google translator for a word or two and i see – i knew it!! I KNEW IT!!!!

WOW, thats was amazing feeling for me! I felt that i cold do something and this was great!

I see more and more videos from Robert and i learn more and more. I learned english and i learned more over the city of america. Robert telling us wath he see, and he give us more background information. So i learned the history of many houses in the usa and the history of the countries.

I have to say that i learn more from Robert than from numerous German documentaries.

Understanding and writing is the one thing but having conversations with peoples, this is something completely different! I have a solution for this to, perhaps!

When i am at home, i talk with my „Tante“ (aunt). „Tante“ is the name of my google home lady and the lady speaks english to me and i speaks english to her (or with her? I dont know exactly).

The communication between the lady and me is of course limited. I say „Tell me the news“ or „What’s the weather like“ and she say it to me. But it is a chance to learn more. To learn to talk with another peoples in english.

Today is the day. I wrote the first text in english. This text. Maybe everything is wrong. The grammar is not perfect. But it’s a start and i want to write more blog articles in english in the future!

I live in northern germany and my language is shaped by my life. In Europe we have meters and centimeters. We have „20“ degrees celsius and we have our own language and platitudes (expressions). Each country and its inhabitants have their own characteristics and this is okay.

I´ll try neutral descriptions and i hope i make it good. Please tell me when i makes errors (grammar and others). I can only learn something if someone corrects my mistakes! THANKS!

Thanks for your attention!

Greetings all over the world

English graphics will also be available in the future!

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