Travelbook: En Route in Celle, Lower Saxony (English)



„Bauhaus“ Architecture, the castle and many many small half-timbered houses. This is the old city of Celle in Lower Saxony.

When i drive from my hometown „Eckernförde“ to my parents, she living in a small city in in the „Harz foothills“, i see often the sign of „Celle“ in Lower Saxony. So far, i ignored it but today, its April 2th in the year of 2018, i turn andlook at the old city with his cute houses. I am an fan of architecture!

I come from the „Harz foothills“ and before i look the city of „Celle“, i drive to the city of „Wienhausen“ and look the convent with his church. I park my van, take the camera and going to the park.

The Wienhausen Monastery is a former Cistercian, now Evangelical women’s monastery. It dates from the 13th century and is now administered by the Hanover Monastery Chamber.

The monastery was founded around 1230 by Agnes von Landsberg in „Wienhausen an der Aller“. In 1233 the foundation was officially confirmed by Bishop Konrad II.

The historical monastery ensemble is largely preserved, be it the watermill, monastery church, convent building and much more. The double-storey cloister corresponds to the style of brick Gothic.

Check the website for more information:

After the walk i drive with my van to the boondocking spot. The spot is not really nice (no photo!), but it is okay for one night in the city.

The next morning

I waking up in my little chaotic van. I come yesterday from my parents and she give me a lot of stuff for my apartement and this stuff is now everywhere in the bus. I hate it, but for one night it is okay!

Today its going to the city of „Celle“! I Make breakfast in the car, cleaned up a little helplessly by the chaotic stuff, starts the dieselengine and drive to the „Bauhaus“ settlement.

Information over the „Bauhaus“ architecture in celle on the website of celle travel

By the way… a not so funny story: I reached this street and i want to park the van in the middle of the street to make a photo from the van with his architecture. I drive backyards and look in the mirrors. I drive. I drive. I drive and………B A N G!!!!!!! I hit a stupid pillar of light. FUCK IT!!! The stupid thing was hiding. There was no damage, but it’s still annoying!

I love this modern architecture but Celle is known for his cute half-timbered houses in the old city. I make this photos and hurry up for drive to see this houses!

I turn and here is it. The first half-timbered houses and a parking lot for my van! Nice!

I took my camera and the walk by the old city beginns. See this cute houses!

I walk to the town hall and the marketplace and here is it. My best photo of this city. It’s not just architecture. It is the mixture between people (the waiters from the restaurant name it „Ratskeller“), situation and architecture!

The town hall is huge but to big for my camera. I have no wide angle. Therefore i chose sections to put them into the picture!

This is the end from my walk to the city of „Celle“ in Lower Saxony. Unfortunately, the castle was closed by construction. So i going to my van, start the engine and drive home to Northgermany.

I recommend a visit to the city of „Celle“! I coming again in the next years! We’ll see you there, perhaps. . .

Thanks for your attention.

Greetings from Northgermany

Marko Andrae Meyer

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