Me and my Van (English Version)

Hello Folks,

Twenty-two long years i must wait, before the dream come true. The dream from my own Volkswagen campervan. Finaly, in the year of 2012, i took my chance and by an old craftsmen (electrican) VW T4 with many dents, rust and pale paint.

Perhaps, he was ugly, but he was mine!

In the next month, i startet planning the new concept of my van. . .

. . .and my friends Wolfgang and Armin implement it. And here is it – my red van „De Brööömkopp“ (his name is northgerman-slang).

In the next months, i planned again. The exterieur was perfect for me, but the interieur was not.

Yes – i going fishing with this van and yes – i travel with this van, but i only slept few days in the van. His interieur has for me no charme! No atmosphere!! I want a campervan and not a junk room!!!

I designed the optimal van for me personally. . .

. . .and my friend Armin built it! A van with my own bed (90cm wide, but i am alone – its okay for me!), a small kitchen and many many storage space for all my stuff, that i have with me on the way!

From now on – he was my van! I felt comfortable!! I felt at home, no matter where i was!!!

I driven with my new van, but it was an old van. no, he have no problems, but he was rusty and the old paint was pale. By the way, it was an ugly car with to many colors.

I make a plan, yes its my intention, and yes, my friend Armin make it!!

Here is the new vancolor – gray:

I think – now is enough! This is my car – forever!!!

I travel with this van through germany from the north to the south. From the „Ostsee“ (Eastcoast, Baltic Sea) to the „Bodensee“ (Lake Constanza) and i have fun with it!

But in the year 2019, i have no more gray paint for the next rustworks. The car is old, and rust is coming again again!

I´ll make it short: Here is the new van (same van but other color!) with 2 colors. Above gray and below lightblue. A wonderful combination.

This 3 pictures was from the last weeks (april 2020). I love that van! He is old and rude, but he is mine and we are driven at the beach, at the mountains, at the citys of germany.

Thank you for your attention!

Greetings from Northgermany

Marko Andrae Meyer (Driver of an old but lovely Volkswagen T4)

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